As with everything, there is always a story behind the formation of a group, and yes, Heaven Bound have their own story. It all started back in 1995 with one guitars, a dream, and a lot of faith.Dale who had been a Gate Painter and Farm man for over 45 years, decided to start working for the Lord. Dale had been reared around music all his life--namely bluegrass. His wife Reva had always been in church. She was the daughter of Alva and Pauline Bunch, so she would often attend revivals with her mother  With the ending of Dale's working due to health reasons, one guitar, and a bible was the start of something new, Heaven Bound were formed; although, at that time they called themselvesThe Brown Family.

The Brown Family traveled from place to place singing and becoming more and more popular. Then Buddy, the oldest brother in Law, decided that he wanted to join the group, so he began to play the rythum guitar. Then when Matthew turn 7 years old, he started to learn how to play the keyboard, and sing. Which after matt got saved, Dale and Mama Reva let him join the group.  Now, since the whole family had joined in, Dale and Reva decided that they needed to change the name to Heaven Bound.

After playing for mom and dad for many years, Matthew found that the Lord was calling him to sing. So he wouldn't have it any other way.
Now with Dale Leaving this world in 2013 with colon Cancer, Matthew Brown and Heaven Bound Still travel all over the nation ministering to souls and have even performed concerts with The Singing Cookes, The Cooke Brothers, Michael Combs, HeirLine, and Many More Great Gospel Groups. They have met thousands of people, seen thousands of souls accept the Lord into their lives, and have enjoyed every moment of it. They truly are a family group and are very dedicated to their purpose--the spreading of the Gospel.