Matt Brown
Call Me Gone
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One More Soul

1. Walking On Solid Ground
2. Not For Sale
3. Where Are The Children
4. He Came Looking For Me
5. One More Soul
6. God Bless America
7. Precious Memories Comes Alive
8. When God Calls His Children Home
9. I Believe He's Coming Back Like He Said
10. God Reached Way Below The Bottom
Matthew Brown - I Know A Man Who Can

1. I Know A Man Who Can
2. I've Made Up My Mind
3. When He Was On The Cross
4. I Cast My Bread Upon The Water
5. Lighthouse
6. It'll Be Worth It After All
7. Paid In Full
8. I Call It Home
9. Drinking From My Saucer
10. God On The Mountain
Heaven Bound  -  One Of These Days

1. Family Circle
2. Oh How I Love Jesus
3. You Don't Have To Go Home
4. Endless Supply
5. Coming Soon
6. Let's Meet By The River
7. Everything I Need
8. One of These Days*
9. I'm Gonna Run
10. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
*Written By: Matt Brown